Wednesday, December 31, 2014

How does one start all over again?

2014 is about to end, it was one hell of an emotional ride to say the least. I was too stressed with BPO work that I quit without the security of another job thus I was jobless for months that I had to ask for my mother's assistance (much to the dismay of my aunts and uncles). I did find a new job though the salary wasn't the same at least I was able to pay the bills. That sums it all up. 2015 is near, now the question is, how do I start all over again? I guess I will start by praying and thanking the Lord for what was and what will be. I am praying that this year will be so much better. I am dreaming of travelling to other parts of the world, having a good paying, stable job which promotes work-life balance, and praying hard that love will find a way this time around. I also wish for peace and unity all around the world.