Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Natal Day 2017

Another year has passed. Getting older and wiser. The start of 2017 is good for me since I got the position that I was eyeing from for quite sometime. I am still working in the beautiful Philippine island, also known as the Land of Promise and I guess I would still be here for the rest of the year.

Being far away from the hustle and bustle of the life in Luzon made things better. I can definitely say that I am loving myself better by taking care of myself, enjoying the fruits of my labor, learning new things that made me better in my craft, and the list goes on. 

Some say that people generally do not feel contented, and I think I feel the same way too. I am getting older and yet I am still waiting for the real man who will truly love, respect, understand and care for me. I need to have my own family because want to share my life with them and shower them with unconditional love. Plus, I am scared to grow old alone. I am hoping and praying that God will send him to me this year.